What is dome skylight?

A tube skylight that gathers light through a dome on the roof is commonly referred to as a "dome skylight." A wonderful way to add flair and natural light to your home is with a skylight. It's crucial to understand how skylights operate before making a purchase because there are various primary varieties. We go over key information about skylights in this guide to help you choose the best option for your house.


Skylights come in a variety of styles, but generally speaking, we consider three basic types:

  • Anchored skylights

Because they are essentially just a glass panel in your roof that functions as a window, these are also known as "roof windows." At night, you can see through it, and it lets light in. These work well on houses with a tiny roof cavity or, in the case of sheds and garages, no roof cavity at all.

  • Domed or tubular skylights

Very popular in the market, tubular skylights have a transparent dome that serves as an entry point into the roof. It registers sunlight from all directions. Here, a mirrored tube travels to the diffuser through the roof cavity, and the light from the room is transferred into the space through this roof lens.

  • Solar skylights

Powered by a tiny solar panel on your roof, solar skylights have an LED light instead of a standard skylight style. There are versions that come with batteries, so you may have free lighting both during the day and at night.

Your selection will be based on your own preferences as well as the space that is available on your roof.

Are skylights fit for every type of home?

Absolutely, most homes can benefit from skylights. This depends on the design of your roof, which may restrict your alternatives. Fortunately, provided there is room for the metal tube that connects your home's exterior roof to the inside ceiling, dome skylights can be installed in practically every type of home.

Residential dome skylights don't need to be placed exactly above a certain region of the house; they may be placed in practically any room. You may adjust the tube part of a dome skylights to your desired level to get light where you need it.