Mountaineering today in the Mont Blanc massif – A keynote conference on the what’s happening today and how mountaineering in the Alps is evolving.
20:30 on Tuesday 1st of July at the Majestic

The evening will start with the opening of a photo exhibition at 20.00 courtesy of the Alpine Convention and entitled “Traces of life”, it shows the impact of human being in the mountains, and the delicate balance between nature and culture.

The conference will be held in the format of a debate hosted by Jean Luc Baudin of Radio Mont Blanc. Speakers will discuss a wide array of issues linked to the our utilisation of the mountains for the pursuit of leisure activities be it alpinism, speedriding and tourism in general.

Sport specialists such as Antoine Pécher, technical director at the French Federation of mountaineering and rock climinbing and Arnaud Longobardi, champion speedrider, will talk about he way alpinism has evolved in recent years and now incorporates a mix of sports like wing suit flying, speed riding, cycling, canoeing and where old barriers are breaking down and boundaries becoming blurred.

Continuous development is having an impact on the environment and Markus Reiterer, General Secretary of the Alpine Convention will give us his insight into the issue and how it can be managed in a fragile environment – an issue of particular interest and importance in the developed Chamonix area. The Alpine Convention works with across the EU with countries with alpine territory and their insight into how different nations manage this issue will be fascinating.

Finally Jerry Gore, top alpinist, member of the Alpine Club and founder of Mountains for Active Diabetics will talk about the growing awareness of what mountaineering can bring to people who have disabilities and that the mountains are opened for all.